Order direct and see the difference

No Commission

100% of your order revenue goes to the restaurant. We charge no commissions. This means restaurants can offer the same portions and prices as in the restaurant.  


Buy with confidence from restaurants who care about their customers and prepare, cook and deliver with passion. All our restaurants have been issued with the latest WHO COVID-19 guidelines.

Great Food

Order online for tasty food and restaurants will confirm your order with a time for delivery or pick-up. Please call the restaurant if you have questions on any order.

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Delivery apps charge up to 40% commission. Restaurants make 30% profit average. Do the math! Order direct to keep our favourite restaurants open. Or see them shut one by one.

Help us help local restaurants

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Post to your social media to spread the word and build awareness!

Rally the Troops

Share with family and friends and build our community!


Order takeout or delivery from any restaurant listed here. It’s as simple as that!

Social Media

Show the world you care and post a snap or video of your meal on our Facebook page @mymenuvenu, tagged with #menuvenu


This is just a start. Support our islands restaurants by ordering takeout or delivery as often as you can.

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